The Magnate Landowner Records of Eastern Europe


In July of 2001, after the London convention, I visited the Wawel Castle Archives, in Krakow, Poland. This was my first actual experiences using the Magnate Landowners records. I was so very pleased at what I found. I did not find birth, death and marriage Records but I did find inventories, tax list, and proclamation with my family’s names on them and an interesting court case.

This source has previously been unexplored. It is well worth taking a look at them if your town was owned by a magnate landowner.

Gayle Schlissel Riley



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The Magnate Landowners Records of Eastern Europe
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Inventory/Census for Tarnobrzeg 1791
Notice the use of last names for the first time
Permission to sell Liquor
Found in Israel at the CHAJP
Please, if you know of any more towns owned by
Magnate Landowners, please contact me. Gayle
Links, for Magnate/Magnacy and Szlachta/gentry on the web